Lion’s Mane Tincture


Lion’s mane has a long reputation for healing and invigorating the brain and nervous system. Shine bright!


We’re happy to be producing an in house, 100% fruit body, line of dual extract tinctures. Dual extract means that we use both alcohol and water to extract the medicine from the mushrooms, the final tincture is a combination the two extracts. Our tinctures are full strength, never diluted or filtered. We grow or harvest the mushrooms, slice, dry, powder, and produce the tincture, which is then bottled and labeled by hand. Using an organic 190 proof alcohol and long steeping assures the strongest extraction possible. Size is a 1oz (30ml) dropper bottle, filled to the brim, (closer to 1.5oz of medicinal goodness).

Recommended use: take a dropper full, diluted in a small glass of water first thing in the morning. Feel free to repeat this several times a day, especially in the beginning, to build up some medicinal momentum.

Lion’s Mane Tincture


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