Spring is in the air! And so the farmers markets are about to begin. We use this recipe all year round – you just have to choose whichever seasonal vegetables that appeals to you. It is decadent and simple, refreshing and comforting, and pairs excellently with your favorite cold drink.

Most of the ingredients will be available from the farmers market!

12oz fresh mushrooms (shiitake, oysters, lion’s mane.)

A packet of Fresh Pasta

Smoked Salmon

1 medium onion

Seasonal vegetables (asparagus, kale, zucchini, broccoli, peas.)

3 cloves of garlic

Cream cheese

Milk or cream

Salt, pepper, fresh or dried thyme

  • Start by putting your pot of water on, once the water is boiling follow the instructions on your chosen packet.

  • Chop onions & mushrooms, wash and cut vegetables and peel garlic.

  • Put oil and butter on you pan and get it hot, add the mushrooms, while they brown fork apart the salmon (discarding the skin and possible bones).

  • When the mushrooms are brown and starting to crisp, add the onions. Let them caramelize then add your chosen vegetables.

  • Season with salt, pepper (lemon pepper is great) thyme and pressed garlic. Stir it around.

  • Pour over some milk or cream, then add a tablespoon scoop of cream cheese. Toss it around to make sure it has melted, then add the salmon as a last minute addition.

  • Serve on top of the pasta and enjoy!DSCN8550

Seasonal Market Recipe